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What is the true meaning of the Resurrection and resurrecting the Christ within You ? Rising from the 3rd dimensional limited consciousness of the Human element by being in the awareness of your Higher Self Christed embodiment. This is based on bringing all the fragmented parts of your soul together through healing, forgiveness and connecting to Source Creator Bring yourself back to Life through dancing, singing, laughter, having fun and being creative and acting silly, Love & laughter

Nefertiti/Akhenaten Sirian Ancient Twin Soul Union 2222020

This is a recording from 02/23/2020 as messages & codes that are flowing thru me linked to the planet Sirius and the Dogon Tribe in West Africa. Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten - the CHRIST Consciousness being from Sirius AKHENATEN the CHRIST Consciousness being arriving from system of Sirius changed Egypt in 17 years of his ruling, he disrupted all religions, telling people that the priests were not necessary.


Five Years Anniversary celebration video related to the audiobook "The Return of the Garden of Eden" I started my first You Tube video creating 3 separate videos on 04/19/2015 that I sent to my Beloved Twin Soul of which I also uploaded. I had it set to private and now I am releasing it publicly to share the deep love that I have within. The second video was recorded when the Full Moon was in Scorpio. It is a channeled voice activation recorded on 04/25/2016 and the rest is HER~ HIS STORY

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