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This was one of the most powerful reading that I’ve had in regard to my situation. I was beginning to think it was all in my head. LOL. Thankfully I got reassurance that my journey is my own. I appreciate you so much.





She gave me insight into a relationship I’m in. Everything I was feeling, she confirmed it without me telling her. She picked up on things I kind of knew but wasn’t sure off. I highly recommend her.




Thank you for your help.




This was the best and most accurate reading that I have had on Keen. Sharon is extremely detailed and was able to authenticate much of what she said by citing to specific details that no one else would have known. (Eg, she immediately told me the astrological sign of a friend who I was asking about. The only reason I know my friend's sign is because she talks about it all the time. I knew that Sharon's confirmation of my friend's sign was a message from the Universe to listen to Sharon's guidance.) She does not sugar coat, but she is not cruel. She shares the information in a way to help you. We talked for over an hour. It was expensive, but I look at it as paying for a gifted therapist



Where to begin…. Don’t hesitate is she come across you path. Sharon is the very best person that you can have a conversation with. She’s so kindhearted and helpful. She tells you exactly what you need to hear and even more. Deep conversation with you and yourself as she speak. I couldn’t have been guided better to have her to have a conversation. Merci , I wouldn’t not thank you enough.





Scary accurate. 💓





The BEST reading I’ve received on keen!! Sharon read me like a book! Everything she said resonated and was spot on accurate! I’m very grateful for this reading!




Very talented advisor. Quickly reads the energies and provides a lot of accurate detail. Insightful and caring and wants to help change negative patterns and will help you overcome fear. Will explain a lot to you and you will feel that she is speaking directly to your person of interest. Cal her. You won't regret it.



Great as always. Very accurate and detailed with my reading .




Great as always.



Thank you so much for your help with understanding POI. You were very accurate in what you picked up on and I will take your advice. I will follow up as things manifest. Thank you again for the clarity.




Wonderful reading! Sharon said exactly what I needed to hear, and confirmed a few things I was feeling but wasn’t quite sure, I am now. Thank you!!



She answered my questions she is a great reader



Sharon was so spot on, kind, and super helpful! :)



Sharon was awesome. She is connected to Spirit, so the information flows effortlessly. I feel happy and grateful we could connect. I didn't like that I had to cut the conversation short because I ran out of funds, but I highly recommend speaking with her.




This was another type of reading…wow!! Mind blowing…thank you very much✨



Thank u so much for my reading. I will take your advice with everything u have shared with me. You provided me with so much information and affirmations that I will for sure be using starting today. Thank u and sorry about the blunt ending






I was highly impressed



Unlike any reading I’ve ever had. She read my POI like a book. She gave me great advice and I will implement it and see what happens. Thank you!



Great as always and very detailed



I enjoyed our talk and look forward to what's to cone and talking to you again. You described him to the T, I was so amazed. You even picked up that he was in the service. You have me great hope, thank you!!



Thank you for always being open and honest and never judging !




Always a pleasure!



Sharon is always informative



Ran out of funds, but this was an amazing reading. Didn’t mean to keep this reader for so long, but she really touched my soul tonight and I look forward to keep her updated on the situation and how it plays out. Thank you so much you’ve been very helpful very truthful very honest and gave a lot of clarity.





Sheesh! That helped alot in a way I hadn't expected. Even with a but if my resistance the conversation helped. Its helped me revisit old memories which in tune helps me connect to a feeling positive toward the future. If accessible in the future id revisit this advisor





I learned so much through our conversations. I am always and forever grateful just to have you as an advisor in my life so thank you so much.





Very informative will be back soon I appreciate the information thank you thank you thank you again :)





I just LOVE talking to you! No matter the topic you always tapped in! We work together and i love that! Youve helped me so much on this journey!



Q Queen

This advisor is beyond helpful! She is full of accuracy, compassion, deep knowledge, and insight. Just wow, everytime I connect! Unbelievably precise... Call her, you will not regret it!



Sorry I ran out funds but I had a wonderful chat and picked up on my situation in very short time. Thank you will definitely call again.



Ms. Sharon was GREAT!!!!!



Love her! She always speaks genuinely and not just what you wanna hear





Really honest!



Honest, Helpful, Detailed, Kind, Accurate

Excellent, as always! Awesome reader!





She goes deep. I saw a post that said she rambles. These mins go fast and i feel she’s just trying to give you the downloads that she receives. She is very candid and intuitive. I will be giving her another call soon.



Honest, Helpful, Detailed, Kind, Accurate THE BEST READING I HAVE EVER HAD!! Loving, honest, kind, and thorough!




Thank you 🙏🏻



Honest, Helpful, Detailed, Kind, Accurate

An AMAZING reading. Was so in tune to me and my POI. I can’t wait to call back. Thank you so so much





Sharon Andrea was amazing! When I say "amazing," I mean AMAZING! Her reading is an experience through space and time that healed so many intricate parts of my deeper SELF. I am truly astounded by her gift and I learned on a spiritual level how to ascend to the next level. Sharon is more than a reader. Her gift is an experience to be admired and cherished.





Thank you for clarifying my curiosity about past life connection with my aunt 🙏





Honest, Helpful, Detailed, Kind, Accurate

Thank you, you’ve confirmed what I’ve been feeling.





Always a pleasure speaking to her. I will talk to you soon.





Amazing! Picked up on so many details




Very good. Very detailed and right on point.




I don’t usually leave reviews but I’ve never gotten such amazing and relevant guidance from a psychic before. Not to mention she’s also kind, compassionate, and patient. Thank you so much for your help. Truly appreciated!





Excellent reading





Great call with Sharon. Very caring, accurate, deep insight - past, present, future. Definitely recommend.





Amazing reader, true psychic. Lots of information, thanks so much Sharon for giving me clarity and for your attention!





Thank you very much! I appreciate the read! 😊🙏





Thank you! Interesting thoughts to think about. Thank you so much. I will do what you suggested. Blessings.





Sharon was amazing! I felt seen and heard. She was able to spiritually connect with me and energetically see many things about me I didn't reveal with astounding accuracy. I was truly blessed by this experience. I will call again ❤️.





I didn’t get a chance to say by but she is a great advisor. I will be calling back Thank you Sharon!





Helped me a bunch





Good information! I will call again!





I wish I could have stayed on longer! You gave me so much confidence! Thank you so much!!!





The best at what she does! Very informative and can pick up on the energies easily. I love her





Wow is all I can say! I wish I had more time. She goes soooooo deep into the situation. She’s the real deal. ❤️





Love her!!! The guidence i have received abour my TF IS SO HELPFUL! Ill be back soon





Thank you. That is great advice. I'll stay true to myself





Love her to the moon and back !





Love love love her!!!!





Absolutely a phenomenal reading tonight...





Spot on. Thank you





I really enjoyed talking to her…very clear,good insights…extremely helpful,I would like to talk to her again





Thank you so much, I ran out of funds but you gave me a lot of knowledge and insight on my situation ❤️❤️❤️will definitely return again .. I felt so connected to this reader





She was awesome! In tune with my situation quickly. Thanks again!





On point with entirely everything. Even was able to tell me what my poi looked like without me giving up any detail. Highly recommend!




Thabk you so much for tonight !!! Sorry i ran out of mins but no Cancer in his chart. Ill be calling back soon. Ill do exactkg what you saif in regards to writing how i feel down about what he said to me. Thank you once again.





So grateful, she is so insightful, reminding me that my tf is assisting me now and people I'm meeting are just different aspects of my tf. deepening takes time.





I don’t think I can thank you enough for everything that we talked about even in a little time here that we had I can feel the healing even more. Thank you for using your gifts to help me see clearly and continue to go on my journey feeling my best.




I mean she hit everything on the head she was excellent marvelous and above she was worth the price believe me Thank you Mrs. Sharon and I mean it





Wow!!! Sharon is the real deal. I only asked her one question and she gave details. She even said what I was feeling. I cannot wait to speak with her again.





Amazing reading, Sharon is the real deal gave me so much detailed information i cant wait for another call





Wish I had more time! Very detailed and accurate .. will definitely be back soon





She's very good gave me more than what I bargained for. I called to just ask one question. She gave me a lot more Information than I expected.





Sharon was so accurate , very detailed and straightforward. Does not waste your minutes or ask questions. She literally goes to the root of your situation and picks up on things and life experiences and gives you clarity. I’ve gotten many reading’s before but not like this, she brought up situations that were personal. Mind blowing….literately, she was connecting with sources!!! I’m very pleased and only getting reading from her




Havanna Blue

A true psychic and an amazing woman.





Very good and accurate!!!





Very helpful. Very accurate!! Thank you so much





great reading with good insight.





100% detailed she explained everything to help me understand what’s going on.





Sharon Andrea was so accurate it was almost scary. I was so pleased with the reading I booked another already. she is so easy to talk with. I am so glad I took the chance. Thank you Sharon. you have a beautiful Spirit





very good





Very kind, spot on.





Thank you for all of your help!! So great!! Hit on many things I felt!





Sharon has always been one of my favorite readers on Keen. She really tunes in and is accurate.





kind and very thorough, helping us understand non duality with twin flame





Always accurate. Thank you





Sharon makes sense. Every. Single time. She focuses on the root of your issue to help you make sense of your situation. I’ve tried a few other readers, but there’s something about her that I appreciate more. There’s so much more to reading that future happenings - Sharon prepares you for the future. She doesn’t just read it.





Just be with what is ..and live your best life. Such a good reminder of how very little we truly know. live your best life.





Wonderful call and second time speaking with Sharon Andrea. Everything she said made sense and there was a sense of deep kindness and understanding. Grateful for your gift.






Wow !! Simply wow ! She was EXTREMELY thorough in what she was talking about , explained things if i didnt understand. It was an amazing experience. She told me specific things which were accurate. Shes very friendly as well , very talkative . Will be returning at some point





She picked up on his dark energy and issues with his mom. Also his substance abuse problems.





Great, as always!





Every time I read with Sharon it is amazing she not only gives me insight and guidance but she is able to really tap into my situation to where I am not angry but I am aware and able to move forward in a more relaxed manner during these difficult and stressful times in my life.





always one of the best in what she does.





shared some dreams with her and she helped me realise I have been purifying my heart with the Masculines in my world.





Good reading. I just couldn’t get my questions in.





So great to share with her . Love her gifts and so wise. it has been so helpful to be in connection with someone on the twin flame journey.





Thank you so much! My funds ran out. I appreciate your guidance, and I know what to do now. Thank you.




Love, love, love Sharon 🙏🏽 A lot of people portray to have gifts but hers is truly genuine and she get he download straight from Spirit




Thank you for sharing your gift!





Omg I love her yessss





always so helpful to speak with her about tf and her connection with spirit. So much to learn about our souls journey.





Phenomenal and detailed! I will definitely be giving you a call back soon.





Endorsed Strengths: Honest, Helpful, Detailed, Kind, Accurate Comments: This was my second time with Sharon Andrea, and every time I come to speak with her I feel a whole lot better. She’s very Kind and detailed. Too bad I didn’t have enough funds to continue, but I also can’t wait to speak to her again.





I’m sorry I ran out of funds but everything said was accurate and helpful! Thank you for going in depth -joanna





Amazing period!!!










She is the real deal. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!





Our conversation was awesome. She truly shedded some light on a lot of things and even broke a lot of things down for and I could not be grateful. This truly helps me to start picking up the puzzle pieces.




Ran out of funds but thank your for all your help!!! Call her! She was very accurate and kind!




Sharon was right on with what she was telling me about my job’s





Truly gifted … very detailed accurate great reader a must add to your favorites




Wandering wonder

I am very pleased with the reading and the aspects she touched on. This was the energy I needed and asked for. I look forward to the unfolding of the things we discussed and am enriched. Blessings to you Sharon and yours. I will continue the processes we discussed and look forward to speaking with you again. Peace.





Blessings i will be back. I am greatful for you. speak soon. trust me. My higher self made me pick my first great Keen guide. blessing and love to you always.





Thank you for your time I will contact you again I was very interested in our conversation and you were very significant in what you had to say it makes a lot of sense that was a very deep emotional inner strength for me





I enjoyed and really received positive feedback from Sharon I will be taking her advice about working on my self opening up to receive the great insights coming to me thank you I will be calling you again very soon.










OMG Sharon Andrea confirmed everything that’s been going on lately even confirmed things I’ve said to my bf. Thank you so much, I will be calling back to update you with everything.





Thanks a lot Sharon for the insights and guidance. They were bang on and I feel quite peaceful after talking to you. Will definitely be back. Thank you!





Very honest and accurate! Definitely recommend










First time caller and I must say that when it comes to spiritually gifted persons, I know a few. However, I have not met anyone as gifted as Advisor Sharon. The plethora of gems that she has provided tonight is truly priceless! From names, to EXACT energies and personalities… knowing I started my fasting today , my family history, my occupation and more. She literally KNEW everything! I could’ve talked to her for hours! She’s a true gem. You will not regret calling her and her rate is amazing for what she delivers. Thank you so much Sharon!!!! Xoxo





So sorry I ran out of funds but thank you for all of your help!!





Thank you so very much





Right on the money ..reads your chakras too.





Whoowhoo!! First time and you were Amazing!! Picked up spot on regarding my POI and situation…I’m glad I called you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and So happy with the reassurance and events!!! Call soon for an update!





She’s the real deal, so insightful and kind too.





Loved everything about our conversation, everything I needed to hear and everything I was feeling. Thank you so much again Sharon! ♥️





The reading was very uplifting and full of details. Will call again





very good session





Sharon was absolutely incredible. So much came out in her reading that I thought would never be picked up on. This was without me giving away any leading details. She gave me some relationship advice and guidance that's really important that I will definitely be acting on. Thank you for your support Sharon, it's really appreciated.





great messenger , helping me understand this connection with my divine counterpart as me.❤😊🙏





Quick to the point, thank you





20 ⭐️ This woman is truly a vessel between our world and the divine. Thank you so much for our talk! Everything you said resonated so deeply

Thanks so much for the entire talk, you’re truly a divine vessel and understand me on a level I thought only I could see ❤️ You have made my day





Overall a good reading. Somewhat hard to follow because of her advanced concepts..gave alot to think about in regards to my POI. Lots of healing is necessary










Holy cow, Sharon is amazing! I almost feel like she gave me a spiritual cleanse! I feel more in control of my situation than ever before!! Thank you!





I loved my reading! Really helped me understand my situation with my poi. Then she even picked up on personal issues that i always dealt with growing up and even in now in my adulthood. Shes really amazing! You wont regret it! 💛🦋





I made a spur of the moment decision to make a call on Keen (had never done a phone reading before) and WOW I am so glad that I did. I chose Sharon Andrea as I felt most connected to her, and I am eternally grateful for speaking with her. Sharon is so kind and empowering. Something that has been buried within me my whole life, she gently brought to the surface. Her confirmation and ability to provide details I had hidden even from myself has completely changed me and allowed me to progress on my healing journey with clarity and a more positive trajectory. She has helped me see my situation with new light and I am so thankful - THANK YOU SHARON :)





tremendous wisdom of twin flame journey. tremendous encouragement in persevering and being present ..truely a keeper as a light reader of twin flames.thank you Sharon feeling so blessed after our contact. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤣🙏🙏🙏🙏🎶🎶🎶





I really enjoyed my reading. Confirmed all what other advisors have said but also gave me new insights and confirmed what my guides have being telling me. Will definitely give her a call again.





the best that there is





I hate I ran out of funds before I could tell you thank you. You truly was amazing and you was very accurate and on point. Thank you for all the advice and words of wisdom.





So helpful but ran out of funds




angel number 734

She is the best, very helpful, detailed and honest! Thank you so much for your insight and help. I’ve spoken with a few on this site, and she is my favorite!




angel number 734

She is BEYOND words. She is the real deal, she was so dead on it’s scary. But I feel so much lighter having chatted with her. Thank you for giving me clarity and validation! You are amazing, and a beautiful soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll return so we can chat some more, sorry for the abrupt ending. You are just WOW!





This advise is 100% awesome she is very informative detailed and precise into the point. I am so happy to have found her a few months back and really do appreciate her and her gift.




The Divine Future

So sorry i ran out of time! Thank you for the accurate reading and true insight. You are amazing





beautiful she is such a beautiful woman.





always super tuned in to twins and supportive.





I had the best reading with Queen Sharon today. She went over and beyond with reading my personal situation. She explained things in great details and picked up on things that I didn’t even ask. I will be a loyal client for as long as you continue to do readings 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽




Very good! Gives lots of details.





She was so nice and detailed. I enjoyed every minute. Definitely worth it !





One of the best if not the best readings I have ever had and I have talked to hundreds of people. Very accurate and Connected with all concerns and internal questions that I did not ask about. Definitely a favorite and I will be calling again soon.





wow. she provides ALOT of insight, and detailed information, quickly and efficiently! Readings are super in-depth. She is genuine, honest, and accurate! Highly recommend!!





This was amazing and she hit the head on a lot of issues. Which I could have had more time. Thank you





Amazingly accurate and compassionate read and information!





She was very helpful! I wish i could afford more time. But my time with here was very enlightening!





She was spot on what I needed to do for MYSELF to heal. I am so grateful to know after speaking with her that I am on the right track for healing myself. Love her💜





Sharon is awesome, on point we connected very well I will call her again!!!





She is amazing things she said resonated to a T!!!!! Love her appreciate her kindness










Sharon is awesome and I really got the true answers to my questions and I feel so much wiser from our talk. I will definitely call her again.





I enjoyed the reading her energy reading was great she explained everything very well to me and was able to give me good advice as well. I appreciate your guidance thank you very much.





She is always knowledgeable and honest.





Very informative and fast answers so there's room to ask plenty of questions.





Absolutely love how honest and accurate Sharon is





Sharon provides next level readings 100% of the time, its actually baffling to me still. Thank you Sharon





I wanted to thank Sharon for her insight, but we were cut off. I always appreciate how deep she goes into an issue.





Absolutely blown away!





Omg she is so good! I’m sorry I couldn’t continue bc of funds. But I would definitely call her again and again










very accurate for the most part.





Wow! Amazing








12/10/2020 Member294443

Grateful always to her helping me remember what keep I forgetting. Feel him right next to me cuz he is energetically.❤❣🙏😘





Thank you Sharon - - you’ve really touched on so many truths and it was our first time communicating I will be calling you again- please keep me in your prayers





Super insightful! I felt heard and understood, everything makes sense to me now!





Another outstanding reading with Sharon, it’s incredible how accurate and on the money she is. Thank you Sharon





Absolutely mind blowing reading, stunningly accurate.



Sharon , my name is K N. I called you in April of this year. This was my first time to call and ever get outside the box and follow my energy intentionally . The universe led me to you. I was wanting to know how I can leave you a review or write a glympse of what has been given to me through your guidance and love . You gave me direction and specifically told me to go into the woods to receive the clarity , healing and love from the universe that I needed . I took notes during our talk and everything 100 percent has been accurate. I have lost 69 lbs since our talk and my sexual feminine side has returned and it’s on fire . I forever LOVE YOU and so blessed and still in awe of your guidance . Just let me know how to leave you a review . You are TOPNOTCH and my GUARDIAN ANGEL. I will send you a pic of the night we talked and the transformation of what I look like now. 📷📷📷 THOSE ARE PICS : ALL THROUGHOUT THE METAMORPHOSIS . Don’t know which cycle of butterfly I am in now because I am a beginner and baby in this new realm . All I know is you gave me guidance to spread my wings and fly. Hope to hear from you soon !!!Geaux sent November 15 at 4:55 PM#11 was my basketball number in high school and college . I am seeing the #11 at a high frequency


User14741056 I accidentally cut the read off, but Sharon is so genuinely intuitive and a sweet soul 💜 amazingly accurate read. just when I needed it.



User782724 Wow!! Amazing connection to my poi and situation. Knew so much with only a name. This has been extremely helpful. Sorry for getting cut off before saying thank you...



she is always superb and profound


Member37135578 Sharon is always a pleasure to talk to. She reads the energy like no other.



11/19/2020 User758463 Hey , thank you so much, I wish I had more funds to talk, beautiful soul , very intuitive on everything.


11/12/2020 Member37135578 Sharon is always great. She easily tunes into the energy and has a great personality



11/9/2020 User275760 Funds ended 😢 but wow she was very on point accurate as well thank youuuu❤️


So kind and accurate ❤️❤️❤️❤️




Absolutely mind blowing reading, stunningly accurate.



10/29/2020 Member294443 So very aware of her own journey she comes from so much kindness and clarity as she helps me understand all the many aspects of myself within our divine connection. Nothing is separate but a part of each other or our oneness as he is within me as I am within him Thank you Sharon.❤❣🙏


10/20/2020 khib7 Hello Sharon it was our first conversation and truly felt you read my situation correctly. Will be calling u back in the near future Thank you


10/13/2020 User002172 Spot on, great advice!


10/5/2020 LadyLove10 Sharon is my go to for guidance. She definitely has a gift for putting things in perspective. Give her a call you will not be disappointed.


5/5/2020 Sorellina Fantastic, highly recommend. She picked up on my person so well and has given me some really beautiful things to work on within myself. Thankyou :)



4/21/2020 Member294443 so helpful and insightful into our evolution. feeling blessed to connect when I can.



04/09/2020 User082112 I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate her! She is 1000% authentic and raw! No sugarcoating nor will she sell u a dream! She is my go to advisor!



04/09/2020 User82016002 Andrea is compassionate, in tune & honest. I'm having a difficult time with my journey but she was gentle as well as patient with me. I'm grateful for her help.


04/09/2020 User956827 I'm sorry my session ended abruptly but you helped me out a lot thank you so much for your help!



04/08/2020 LadyLove10

I have been calling this line for a while and Sharon is my absolute favorite advisor. She has a gift for breaking down a situation and explaining in terms that's easy to understand.



03/18/2020 User82016002 Andrea is very kind, loving & in tune. I am grateful for her time as well as her compassion. She is truly one of a kind that taps into you as well as the other person. Thank you so much for your guidance.


3/6/2020 User082112 Loved her! She’s my go to advisor!!EXTREMELY ACCURATE!!! So if u don’t want the truth don’t call because she will give it to u straight!!



2/24/2020 Member294443 Because sh ed s a twin flame she un understands what the DF s are going through.



02/01/2020 User32466170 amazing and accurate...I ran out of time but I will be in touch again.Brooke


03/21/2020 User082112 Omg! This advisor is the truth! I’m so upset I ran out of funds but I’m super greatful I was able to connect with you and you were 1000% accurate with my situation! Thanks so much and I will take your advice!



2/19/2020 LadyLove10 Always a great call with Sharon. She had the ability to zone into my situation and give great feedback/advice. I recently experienced a traumatic situation and she was very helpful in giving me advice to process this.



02/01/2020 Dian

Dear Ms. Sharon,

I am absolutely stunned. The validation and clarity you gifted me feels like layers upon layers of chronic doubt and fettered fixedness have finally been lifted. All these feelings and intimations I’ve had, all this time, I suppressed them, I didn’t take them seriously because I thought I was trippin. This is a HUGE relief. I am truly grateful for the tree of life you just awakened in me. thank you for sharing your miraculous gift! I feel like I can finally enjoy and live my life now because I surrender to the fact that I deserve to. so stubbornly, i made it difficult to actualize that because i really thought my purpose had to be more complex and difficult like everyone else’s! to gain such a deeper awareness of who I am, what I’ve experienced, why i do what i do, and why I’m here is like waking up from a dream within a dream.

this information about myself is literally what i’ve been craving to find out but i guilted and denied myself out of it. But now i see why it’s so necessary for me to firmly settle into this.

now it makes sense why i have such a optimistic open heart yet “fuck society” mentality.😆 all i needed was that validation to go into “no fucks given” mode, love on nature, and further nurture myself- validation to be Self-ish complete!💖

Thank you Ms. Sharon 1,000,000%. Happy February and happy early birthday!! it’s celebration time forreal!🎉🎶💐✨





"I have been blessed to receive multiple readings from Sharon. A reading from her is exactly that, a blessing! To me a reading from Sharon, is a gift to my soul. Sharon’s abilities as a reader are incredibly, and I can tell you that each reading I have had from her, even if she was not aware of it at the time, it was unlocking pieces of my soul and allowing me to connect not only to Spirit, and their messages to me, but also connect to myself and who I truly was and am in different ways. Sharon is so multifaceted in her abilities, it is as if with each reading you receive a blueprint to who you are, to your path to the Divine. Especially on a Twin path, I can tell you that they information, guidance, awareness I have received from Sharon’s readings has been priceless to me. When you invest with a reading with Sharon, you are investing in the growth of your soul, and also the growth of the soul of your Divine Counterpart at the same time. Sharon is truly a keeper of great knowledge; her gifts and abilities are so incredible it will shift your world in so many ways and resonate in such a deep way. All you have to do, is truly go with an open heart to seek the truth, and that is exactly what you get with Sharon, absolute truth. As a female on a Twin Path, I consider Sharon a way shower for Twins. I am truly grateful that I was guided to Sharon through a Divine intervention, as my guides knew she held important information for me to know. She is truly a God sent blessing here on Earth."



12/21/2019 Stacey

Thank you so much Sharon for everything! Every time I talk to you feels like a gift to my soul.



12/19/2019 IRC2020

Very good feedback with great insight. Dive right into energy and gave lot of information on all fronts Thank u for clarification



11/20/2019 - User887687 Sharon is a true blessing and has an incredible gift that is invaluable to be able to receive. Her gifts allow her to be able to go deeper and connect in ways others can not see within you. She has a way of connecting puzzle pieces within you to allow you to understand an see and remain present in the bigger picture of your life purpose and your soul path, especially with your Sacred Partner if you are on a Twin path. Sharon is so detailed and what spirit gives her will resonate with you in such profound enlightened ways that it WILL change your life. It is a God given blessing in my opinion to have a reading with Sharon, she is truly gifted in her abilities.



11/17/2019 Member585622 Thank you so much for your insight! You always bring such clarity and in depth understanding of the situation and the person in question with very little information. You are spot on every time. I pray that your forecast will come true very soon! Peace & blessings!



User814084 Best read I’ve had ever



User775470 Thank you i feel a little better



11/4/2019 User887687 I have no words that can describe how amazing Sharon is. I love her!!! She picks up on the truth and in details others can not see or understand. She is so accurate. A reading with her will change your life she is that good!!!!!



11/4/2019 User269082 Sharon is really great! Thank you for all of your knowledge! Sorry I ran out of funds, but as soon as I can replenish I will call you. Thank you!


11/4/2019 Jordanez great than you, speak soon



10/26/2019 User79689176 Always amazing talks with her



10/23/2019 User79689176 Wow such an amazing conversation with her. Wish it could go on forever



10/20/2019 Member585622 Advisor Sharon was amazing! She was very quick at channeling in on my person. Her connection was very accurate to my experience with my person and internal issues of my person. I will take the advice she offered me moving forward. the the best readings! Thank you!



10/16/2019 User865182 She is by far the best. She revealed many things that have actually happened to me. Very in tuned with me. I’m glad to have the pleasure of her.



09/23/2019 User887687 Sharon is incredible. Everything she said was spot on and detailed. Provided much validation in amazing ways. I can not even express the profound knowledge I gained from my conversation with her. She is amazing. I knew things to be true what she said. She is truly gifted..


09/19/2019 LeoGirl820 Very good!



09/18/2019 User523786 I really felt connected with her. And loved her deep read. Will reach out again. Ran out of time. But she was sweet and fast. She really was tuning in ??



8/28/2019 User22493366 Hit the nail on the head.



8/25/2019 LadyLove10 I enjoyed our conversation she goes in-depth. You will not be dissatisfied with Sharon.


8/4/2019 BarbaraKarl Understand it is whoever wants to come- can’t make it happen. Good advice. Great chat.

8/3/2019 np1 Im so grateful for all the insight you shared and just the clarity I gained. Thank you!



7/19/2019 Ede79 My first reading and it felt genuine, she picked up on my situation confidently and was in line with other advisors. I will call again!



7/4/2019 goldenbrowncinna Picked up the situation. I didn't get all my questions answered because she wanted to steer me in a more positive direction. This might frustrate some customers. I get that the intent is to help.




Member294443 very comforting about the twin flame relationship. very encouraging to keep centered and grounded no matter what. Extremely helpful for reminding me to realise we already strongly connected by the divine



6/12/2019 LadyLove10 I can not say enough good things about this reading she was very accurate and tapped into my situation immediately and was able to give me pertinent feedback. I will definitely call again.


6/5/2019 np1 Very informative reading! Thank you!



5/22/2019 92528616 Awesome, thank you so much for the confirmation


4/16/2019 SpiritedBT I believe Sharon Andrea is the real deal. She does weave a lot of counseling in with the intuitive, and that lends to her authenticity in the spiritual sense.


4/11/2019 Member65035188 Awesome and accurate


4/10/2019 User269082 Great reader! Very soulful and accurate! Very gifted too. TY!



March 30, 2019

User 825752 Loved it. Have some cleansing to do. Very informative!!' Big help!!



March 28, 2019

Member 294443 amazing. so helpful. so compassionate.



March 27, 2019

Member 65035188 Always accurate and helpful


2/21/2019 Member 16368058 she was really really good




kaosbuddy extremely amazing read! much love thanks soo much





Sharon is the best she always make me feel better our conversation is right on target she is able to feel my vibes and her response to my questions are always appreciated and I feel in my heart that she is always helpful she is my favorite advisor





Sharon is awesome





Awesome!!! Awesome!!!




melyssa04 She is the truth!!! Soo much detail and accuracy. One of the best on keen.




Keyondra Campbell‎ to Sharon Andrea -The Return of the Garden of Eden

January 6 at 9:06 PM ·

Hi. I want to leave a review for the great goddess Sharon Andrea. Sharon has truly helped me on my twin soul divine path. She have always brings the issues that u are having with yr twin back to you and shows u how to heal and shift. By listening to her and working on my inner self; my twin came closer, communicates way more now and even admitted to literally everything Sharon said. The whole conversation i thought Sharon said that months ago. I was in awe. He even admitted to some life trama that happen that Sharon predicted. My jaw drop. Sharon is very powerful and deep. If u are willing to do the work and align with God. She is the perfect guide for yr journey. Its a beautiful journey of surrender. I am so grateful my soul lead me to her. I am truly not the same. I am humble and grateful. And I want to say Thank u!!!!!😊😊😍😍Much love and light!!!💓💓💗💗


01/06/2019 User269082 Sharon is the best! She's intelligent and very intuitive and she doesn't lie. A million stars to her!



12/29/2018 User728485 So appreciative of Sharon Andrea’s candid and thorough reading!! Very personable and super helpful! BEST. READING. EVER!! And I’m being 100% real!! ????????



12/24/2018 Member276872 She gave me a lot of insight in my journey of self-grow


11/16/2018 Member407583 My phone lost its connection but she was so comforting!!!! Blessings to her!!!



11/12/2018 Nene36 I really do like your past life readings!


11/10/2018 User056275 Sharon gave me such a positive connection she truly was on point gave me such a insight awareness and things that I could look at to make me happy thank her so much I really enjoyed our early morning conversation



10/14/2018 tillandsia Really really spot on! Highly recommend



09/15/2018- Mary:Hello my dear Sharon, Thank you so much for the reading once again, and here is the testimonial I wrote. :) My higher self and Divine timing brought me to Sharon! The reading was beyond what I expected, and was thrilled to get confirmation and reassurance that everything is happening for a bigger purpose. Sharon has this motherly loving energy that draws you to her. She will tap in to your past life energy, twin flame energy, and what is going on with you at the moment. She helped me see things with a clear lens. I loved the fact that she gave me advice to apply to my daily life in order for me to heal, and let go of what is no longer serving me. Instead of looking at myself as a victim, I can see myself with a much deeper understanding. This, in turn, will help me have more love and compassion for myself after everything that Sharon told me regarding my past lives. The reading will help me transcend those old loops I’ve been playing over and over, and get things that I’ve been putting off— done! The twin flame energy reading was amazing as well! She was able to read my twin flame’s energy, describe him in perfect detail (emotional to physical appearance) and give me information on where we are both headed on our journey. Sometimes my ego can play tricks on me, but she clarified so many questions I had regarding him, my path, and my family. This made me have more peace of mind instead of being worried. After our session, I was excited and restless due to all the information she shared with me! I felt my energy shift to a higher and more positive state since her energy and healing abilities are contagious! I am looking forward to the direction my life will take after speaking with her. I am beyond satisfied, and will definitely be back to get more readings from Sharon. Thank you so much!!! Blessings and love!



7/23/2018 kcc19913 -- She was so kind and connected right away. She could feel everything between us and was in tune with everything. All I can do is try to follow her advice and not focus on what it looks like and just trust that what I want is coming.



6/20/2018 User682178 - Feel she connected very well to situation



6/6/2018 Aquamarine143 - First time calling, I ran outta funds right when you hit it right on the money. We do know each other from childhood, when you said that it hit home. Thank you for you accurate insight, wish I could of continued the call, but gotta wait till payday. I will be calling back



5/29/2018 User958218 - Excellent reader and very detailed and accurate.



4/20/2018 Member479845 - sharon is life changing and profound in a way that others can't seem to match.I have had good readings before but never experienced anything like her readings before. i was totally impressed.



Member865656 - Awesome reading



6/24/2018 User080778 - Thank you for all of your help I will be calling you within the next couple of days to talk a little more but thank you again for everything and stay blessed



6/18/2018 Member865656 Great call



6/7/2018 KEYSHANTE - Great reader. She can pick up on past lives you have had together with TF. She can tell u how they feel and guides you on how to heal yr own heart and become one with spirit. She showed me how to change my perspective of him running away and not take it personally. If u give her time, she will dig it all up to be healed. Thanks again for being there.



5/22/2018 Member865656 - Great call and will call back



5/18/2018 KEYSHANTE - Thanks I needed insight on my sister and how to see it from a higher state and to heal.



5/15/2018 Member865656 Thank you great call.



4/27/2018 KEYSHANTE -- Sharon tapped into some past lives of mine, which I had no clue of. Yet knowing the information had truly helped me healed more than I would have every believed. She will enlighten u, if yr open to receive. I will be in touch . Thxs.



4/27/2018 KEYSHANTE - Thanks Sharon. U help me realize I have to put myself on a pestal and fight myself instead of waiting on my TF to do it. This is what he was reflecting to me. I can't concern myself on the outcome of what will or will not happen with us. She has truly help me focus on shifting myself . I should be in joy and be in the fullness of all love. Love life



4/27/2018 KEYSHANTE -- Awesome reading. Wow. I love your energy.


Awe Sharon. Thank you. I ran out of funds but I truly am grateful for the insight, guidance and confimations. I am sure we will speak again. Aloha



4/20/2018 User293770 - Oh my goodness.... this woman is outstanding. My TF journey took a sharp turn tonight, and when I called I was utterly despondent. Two minutes into the convo I’m already uplifted. She’s so high vibe. I now see the road ahead... I’m a little worse for wear... that’s for sure. But my goodness, I’m at least still walking. Sharon, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I really.could talk to you all day.



2/25/2018 Melanie3576 - thanks



2/7/2018 Member323644 - Great connection and so much details and advice. Thank you very much!!



1/30/2018 User293770 -- Sharon Is MIGHTY. She really connected with me. It’s like she was physically standing next to me. This was a powerful reading.



1/17/2018 LadyLove10 -- This Lady is truly gifted she immediately tapped into my situation and was able to profoundly articulate this to me. Give her a call and you shall not be disappointed. Peace and Blessings.



1/2/2018 User703725 She was so good! Really fast and started reading fast and accurately! Loved her style.



12/31/2017 User332303 -- i'm still shocked at how gifted this woman is. It doesn't even make sense for me to list all the things she knew without me telling her because she spent our entire 35 minute conversation bringing up facts about my situation that she knew without me telling her, the entire 35 minutes. She knew the letters of several peoples name, she knew about the dreams i've been having, she knew exactly how i've been feeling with me barely even saying a word. This woman has a direct line to spirit, I suggest you reading with her if you want the assurance of paying for a psychic/medium that you know can do and can feel what they say they can do and feel. God bless you Sharon and thank you.



Beautiful lady....wonderful gifts...extra ordinary..and on point, deep advice. I'm a fan. Joyheart52



3/10/2018 Member865656-- Enjoyed the reading



1/30/2018 Libra 12 -- Thank you Sharon for helping me understand what I need to do to work on in myself and for helping me better understand what is going on with my twin. Your insight was priceless! Libra12



Sharon is incredible. I didn’t want to hear what she told me, but it was the truth.



10/25/2017 Melanie3576 -- Thanks


10/17/2017 Sunshine196745 Wow! Thank you for your insights into the details as well as the bigger picture!! Bessings!!



10/11/2017 Sunshine196745 -- Such a great connection. I love our conversations!! Blessings!!



10/10/2017 Sunshine196745 -- Thank you for your patience and help. Your insights are always on point, and you help me see past the "situation" to the real truth beyond.

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