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"The Return of the Garden of Eden” detailed outline of topics

This is a detailed outline of topics discussed in the audiobook

“The Return of the Garden of Eden”

This book as revealed through The Divine/Source Energy ~Mother & Father God as “The Modern Bible” as it relates to “The New Age of Aquarius”


My name is Sharon Andrea and I currently reside in Rockland County, New York.

This audio book starts out as a taped conversation between myself and My two aunts Denise and Jenness on December 31, 2014 of which I had gone through the Kundalini Energy Rising of which I labeled it as the energy of God. Everything that is spoken by ME is stemming from a download of information from Prime Source and starting my journey of Self-Realization. To date , I am now up to over 1,705 segments of recordings.

On January 3, 2015 & January 21, 2015, I recorded 2 dreams of which I had in regards to a huge Revelation of what was to be the beginning stages of me recording messages from God (Source) and I was directed by the Holy Spirit to start recording. I wrote that it is the beginning of my Spiritual Love Life which has reconciled with my past love life into this present life with my physical body. John Holt visited me and I heard “Let only Love fill your Soul..

**Here is the written dream and channeled downloads:

Finally I had 2 dreams to remember for the past 2-3 months. God told me that I am having waking dreams- dreams that I have while my eyes are opened – thus The Garden of Eden

We pray with our eyes closed so how can we see the light of the Christ that shines if we have our eyes closed. We have bowed down and confess, how about standing up & rising to confess to yourself and to the Divine how awesome you are! The more we rise the happier we feel and the outer circumstances of the world matters less – Just like when you are in love- can’t eat can’t sleep

On January 3, 2015 I dreamt that I was in a hotel around a table with 12 women and men altogether just like the Lord’s Supper with my 12 Disciples only this was with females and males and they were all people of color. It was more conventional – more modern. We were eating, listening to music.. My college friend Marilyn was by a computer playing music. I was surprised that she played music

A young dark skinned female was sitting next to me and the voice of the Lord told me to say “QUEENS RISE!” again “RISE RISE!” in a loud voice I then asked God “Is it ok to do that? Because others might look at me strangely. God said “Yes in a very gentle voice. As I said “Queens Rise Rise they felt jolted within themselves – But it was only 3 of them responded. I continued and said “KINGS RISE RISE RISE!” The males were awakened but in a calmer manner- more quietly. The females had a stronger jolt as if they were putting themselves and aligning their own position of power within themselves.

A young brown skinned black American guy who looked like he was in his late to mid-30’s asked me how did do that? How was it that I was able to awaken them like that. He touched my hand asking me if I can tell me what was our relationship like in the past life. He was very open and eager to hear my response. I tuned in and told him that I felt peace with him and the relationship we had. It was a relationship of utmost admiration and respect he had for me. It didn’t feel like a sexual relationship, more like a deep bonded friendship

On January 21, 2015 I dreamt that Mommy was in a room and she showed me these newborn kittens of all different colors and I asked her how did Sasha( my beloved cat I had back in 2015) have all these kittens? How and when did she end up pregnant to have these kittens? She smiled and said it happened already. It was in a small room.

I went downstairs and noticed all these sticky notes to do w my Clients name and phone numbers were completely gone and disappeared… I looked up the meaning of the dream and it says of new born Kittens – A recovery from an illness of mankind altogether. I channeled and heard I AM giving birth to a new life for all generations represented as kittens***

Everything had been recorded almost daily and information is led to me by Spirit every step of the way with signs, dreams, signs and syncronicities consistently throughout the years from 2 of My Divine Masculine of which I identify one as my Twin Soul and the other my Divine Compliment his brother, loved ones, friends, family members, strangers via Facebook, Tango, WhattsApp, Instagram, Sleeping & waking Dreams. Ever since my True love/Twin Soul Rondy Ivan found me on June 6, 2014 on plenty of fish and my life had been turned upside down and right side up. Now this book is comprised of the past and present to assist Humanity with Awakening and re-winding back to OUR True Authentic Avatar Selves which involves major deep healing and the return to Love on ALL Levels….

This audiobook is comprised of discussions, pictures, and videos of the following:

1. Love

2. True Love vs. First Love

3. Many Twin Soul/Twin Flame discussions and topics of Those who are on this Path and what it means being on this path to awakening to your true authentic self and raising the consciousness of the Planet… I ask the question Do you know who is a Twin Flame? If not, seek to know what and how it relates to change of a great magnitude on planet Earth beyond books, and old information. There is an expansion of knowledge that is revealed to do with Twin Souls and the honor that is being placed on those who volunteered to venture beyond the scope of human thought to assist Mother Gaia and truly anchor true love in the physical world

4. My twin flame experience is discussed as a diary moment step by step with speaking & singing with tears, laughter, joy, excitement, disappointment, surrender, fear, bravery, intrigue, suspense, moment by moment

5. Current & Past News of what is happening with the Awakening & Ascension of Truth

6. Yin/yang

7. History & Herstory of Pharaoh Akhenaten & Queen Nefertiti and the revelation that Akhenaten is really King Moses from biblical scriptures, Was there really an Exodus? Where is Moses body? Many questions answered and topics discussed to this very important time in History and Herstory! Past life memories recorded and revealed to what happened. A discussion of the history of King Tutankhamun – Who really was his mother? What really happened to him? And his wife Queen Ankhesenamun? What happened to her and where did she go after the fall of the New Kingdom. A discussion of what really happened to Queen Nefertiti, Where is My Body? Will they ever find Her Body? Who really was Smenkhkare? Many revelations based on dreams, past life memories. I also had a past life regression Hypnosis therapy back in 2015-16 that revealed my identity and detail outlining what happened to me. It is both on audio and video recording. Who is Kaya and the revelation of who she really is in this lifetime

8. History of the Goddess Isis (Auset), (Ausar) Osiris, Horus – The truth revealed and several moments of past life memories and how much I had to surrender to Who I AM as HER. A discussion of whether or not was it a myth or was there really a Garden of Eden? What is the Garden of Eden? Eve the passive Feminine and Lilith another aspect of the Divine Feminine discussed. How WE all ARE integrating HER within ourselves. Adam (the original atom) She was created as equal with HER Divine Masculine. A discussion of How the split occurred and the creation of separation Consciousness and duality experiences.

9. Discussions of Egypt (Ancient), the Native Indians, and many other tribes around the world. The hidden knowledge and unveiling of what had been hidden among our Indigenous peoples and Mama Africa

10. History of Beethoven & Elizabeth, Romantic Classical Period & My Twin being the reincarnation of Beethoven…Many discussions and how it was revealed to me suddenly

11. Diary Moments – Live in the moment recordings of what is happening thru me and different stages of my awakening to my True Self

12. Definitions- Words and their true meanings and how it relates to Us and how we communicate

13. Polarities (Duality vs. Oneness) (Yin/Yang)

14. Poetry- Twin Soul/Flame & Soulmate

15. Music -All Genres of Music from the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s to present and the importance of listening to and reading the lyrics of the song as through Music we receive and give profound messages. A discussion of what era has been the best genre throughout Humanity is revealed in the book. There are several artists who had transitioned that have visited me with absolutely profound messages with their music. Most of them are also assisting with the raising of consciousness on the planet are aware of their music being a major part of this Ascension. The first artist to visit me with messages was Tupac Shakur with words and music

16. Dancing – All types of dancing discussed on how it relates to our African Cultures and how and where it started, the use of dancing and how it relates to the ascension on the planet and shifting energetically with yourself and in unity as a group

17. Singing & music

18. Comedy – Many topics that covers comedy as audio and videos with the greatest comedians that have visited me with comedy and jokes with many messages. A discussion of how laughter is good for the soul and how important it is to choose laughter to work through sacred alchemy of your soul

19. Psychology & Personality- Discussions of how your personality relates to who you were in past lives and the importance of remembering who you are in a past life as You are the same person who you were then and Now. This is discussed deeply throughout many segments to peel back the layers of Self to awaken to all the personalities that ONE has created and how this affects you psychologically during this ascension time

20. Chivalry – What does that truly in relation to the Divine Masculine/The King

21. A history of Who we are from the beginning of time as we have evolved as Souls

22. Beauty – The importance of Beauty and How it is defined from history and the changes of How Beauty is viewed… The analogy of How beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder and How this is changing dramatically on the planet. Beauty is intelligence and it shows on the inside out according to YOU

23. Makeup & its purposes- The discussion of makeup and why it was developed and where did start from Mama Africa thru the Divine Feminine and How it elevates You to a higher state of consciousness

24. Massages, meditations, getting your nails done- Discussions of types of massages, meditation and selfcare with how this relates to the energetic shifts with your physical body & elevating in consciousness

25. Importance of meditating baths with sea salts, incense & oils, the use of scented candles, and divine rituals either in a bathtub or by the sea

26. Jewelry & its purposes – A discussion of jewelry and the importance of wearing it, What does it mean for You and the planet, where did it start from? Why was it considered to be bad and or evil and that the truth is it is another aspect of protection, connectivity with Mother Earth, the elements of the body and many purposes

27. The art of Work & Play -

28. Syncronicities & Signs from the Universe/God/Cosmos in the most amazing ways and instances

29. Shamanism

30. Mystery of the White Lions

31. Analogies

32. Children stories and references - Many discussions of healing the inner child, reading children stories, referring to Alice in Wonderland. The Wizard of OZ, Shrek, Spiderman, etc… Children’s music including gospel children music

33. Waking & Sleeping dreams

34. Prophecies & Revelations

35. Pictures

36. Videos

37. Truths

38. Lies & Deceptions

39. Religion vs. Spirituality

40. Scriptures are referenced and analyzed for a greater TRUE meaning as I decode the meaning as some have been in place as codes to awaken some on their path especially the reference of the 144,000 according to the book of Revelations… 144,000 chakras, 144,000 aspects of Self awakened, 144,000 Twin Souls The Book of Genesis – The Genes of Isis is revealed! New Revelations are spoken as the Seven Seals that were opened and leashed upon Earth are NOW closed and We are in a Time of Creating NEW Chapters of Our Gardens of Eden

41. History of Religion

42. The true meaning of the Sabbath

43. The true meaning of all of the holidays that we celebrate each year including birthdays

44. The true meaning of the Resurrection

45. Rose & the Thorns

46. Beauty & the Beast

47. Heroes & Heroines – Superheroes

48. Family Relationships – past and present & the true meaning

49. Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

50. Divine Family

51. Self Love – Many discussions in regards to Self Love and how it relates to returning to True love & our/your Divine Sacred Union

52. Sacred Sexual Love & the power of Shakti

53. The art of making love and Being in Love

54. Intimacy – The importance of Intimacy and we connect with true love of the heart, falling in love, and being in love with true intimacy…

55. Relationships vs. Partnerships

56. Heart Consciousness – Many discussions of how the New Way of Communication is with True love, Intimacy thru the heart. The Sacred Path to Self and Others as we relate to one another navigating from Heart to Mind and Mind to Heart

57. Discussion of Duality vs Unity Consciousness

58. Awakening & Ascension discussions & definitions, symptoms & updates to understand the changes happening with your body, mind and soul

59. Discussions and visitations of messages from Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit guides, Celebrities who have passed on, birds, trees, Spiders, ladybugs, black crows, lions, blue birds, Our Ancestors, Mother & Father God

60. Discussions of the New 5D Earth & higher planes of existence

61. Changes with the body and New DNA – A discussion of how we are rewinding back to an ascended body of Crystalline structure and what does it mean to awaken your Kundalini and activate your Merkaba. A discussion of what the body will look like and the regeneration of the cells of your new Crystalline light body even including how we will start to become taller, looking younger, etc.

62. Immortality – A discussion of what are the keys to Immortality

63. The History of Evolution – A discussion of ending the controversy of How we truly evolved as a Species. Answers to how we started from the beginning as Stones, rocks, water, more and more revelations shown that is recorded…

64. Discussion of the controversy surrounding the foods, drinking and/or consumption of foods during this Ascension time. Those who are becoming vegan, vegetarian versus those who are still eating meat.. The answer is revealed in the book coming from The Holy Spirit

65. Speaking in about 6-8 different languages and tongues like ancient Egyptian, ancient Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Indian dialect, African or perhaps Dogon tribe dialect, patois, English, ancient Aramaic, etc. There may be more I am not able to identify. I am also speaking in Galactic codes from other planetary systems such as Sirius, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Orion, Avian, the Central Sun. There are many Twin Flame/Union/Soul, Avatar Activiations that are recorded and in some cases I am able to channel the message as to what I am speaking and what it means for YOU

66. The elements of being Hue man and Who We are chemically and alchemically

67. How to align with Your Higher Selves… a Discussion of Your Higher Self

68. A discussion of WHO we are mathematically, who we are as colors, symbols

  1. A discussion of the returning of Supernatural powers such as:

1. Aerona: The ability to see and understand all forms of illness.

2. Aligist: Someone who can understand all languages.

3. Astral projection: The ability project an astral body that can go anywhere.

4. Breathe underwater: Ability to breathe in water.

5. Clairvoyance: Ability to see the unknown

6. Control metal: Someone who can manipulate metal.

7. Empath: Someone who feels the emotions of another.

8. Energy vampire: A person who can use other people's powers as their own when they are in contact with that person.

9. Enhanced hearing: Ability to hear sounds from longer distances.

10. Enhanced memory: The ability to recall any memory.

11. Enhanced vision: The ability to see things from long distances.

12. Fire: Ability to shoot flames out of one's hands.

13. Ice: The ability to control water in all of its states.

14. Illusionist: Someone who can change the structure of molecules to make a location or person appear different.

15. Indestructibility: The user's body is impervious to damage.

16. Invisibility: The ability to make the user's body transparent.

17. Levitation: The ability to float above the ground.

18. Mind control: The power to influence and control other people's minds.

19. Precognition: The ability to see the future.

20. Read memories: The ability to see the past of another person.

21. Regeneration: The ability to heal quickly.

22. Remote viewing: The power to track people or objects from afar.

23. Retrocognition: Ability to see things that happened in the past.

24. See spirits: The ability to see the dead.

25. See through walls: The power to see through objects.

26. Shapeshifter: The ability to change shape into anything else.

27. Speed: The power to move really fast.

28. Stop time: Ability to stop all time.

29. Strength: Enhanced strength.

30. Telekinesis: The ability to move things with one's mind.

31. Telepathy: The power to read people's minds.

32. Teleportation: The ability to teleport to another place instantly.

33. Time travel: The power to travel to the future and to the past.

34. Walk through walls: The ability to pass through solid objects.

35. Weather control: The power to control the weather.

70. The Mermaid and the Mermans

71. A review of our past history for many lifetimes & currently through music, religion, culture, etc

72. Authenticity & Creating a Conscious Community

73. Deep discussions of the Christ Consciousness and the true meaning of the return of the Christed Energy

74. And much much more…. What Creative Beings We Are!

This audiobook “The Return of the Garden of Eden” is not only intriguing but it is going to change the world in a most significant way because I am here to help restore humanity to the center and place of unconditional love within the heart(love). Unlike anyone else out there doing the same thing is that I lived many lives of which one in particular I was and still am the very famous Queen Nefertiti of which I am still discussed worldwide even NOW. The Awakening and shifting is occurring on the planet right now to higher dimensions and I AM here to assist humanity returning back to ONENESS & Love.

Here a bullet listing of everything that has happened through me that has been phenomenal events and occurrences that I have been recording since January 2, 2015 and I attest to everything that I am telling to be of absolute truth:

We are all getting to a place of living our truths and being authentic. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that the only difference is that it is a new way we are living and Being. This is occurring while we are in our physical bodies unlike before when we leave our bodies completely through physical death to ascend. We are also returning back to a place of a Garden of Eden where we live freely with beautiful brighter flowers & plants, animals are roaming freely and no longer attacking one another. The flowers are rich in colors and the trees are responding with love towards us as well as the animals. We will be looking like we are 30 years old, no sleeping, eventually no eating is necessary, the list goes on and on.

On my mother’s side of my family we are dreamers and I am a very powerful dreamer where my dreams are very fluid and clear with precise information and very detailed. I am an empathic reader, healer, helping others to love themselves, communicate better and effectively, and to live to their highest level of joy within themselves!

I have dreams written down from the past 10 years since early 2005 up until the beginning of this year that are depicting predictions, premonitions, events of my past life, my connection to being and having a twin flame, the beginning of creation where I am a part of it greatly, the garden of Eden, the beginning of life, the Ocean, fishes, marriages, pregnancies, the changes and advancement of the human race, seasonal changes and several dreams to do with the changes of time and a new birth of mankind.

Since January 1, 2015 I started experiencing my spiritual awakening in full measure to a high, widened and deep capacity. I kept ascending and descending (Jacob’s Ladder) discussed in the book and I began stepping into my power as a myriad of Masculine and Feminine operating multi-dimensionally within myself and feeling overjoyed!

I AM Queen Nefertiti ,the beautiful one that has Come (returned) aka the mythical story of Adam & Eve reincarnated, aka Aphrodite from the original templates of creation as Gods and Goddesses as I came from the Sun and the Galaxies and* I AM the Goddess Auset(ISIS )from the beginning of time (the entire physical embodiment of the Divine feminine) and my twin flame Rondy Ivan is the physical embodiment of the Alpha Divine masculine and Ron is the physical embodiment of the Omega Beta Divine Masculine– There are some Twins that embody templates of 2 and some templates of 3 as it was shown to me in a vision. We are the first original template from the beginning of time as the Homo Sapiens Adam(atom) & Eve. And prior to that one of the original templates of Twin Souls emanating from the 12 Tribes. I have recorded seeing “Eve” on license plates sometimes 3 to 4 times a week for the past 4 years no matter where I have been in New York and New Jersey on license plates, TV shows or hearing the name. Pictures are taken of this incredible phenomena. My second oldest Son, David has already taken the mitrochondrial DNA test that has verified that my DNA traces back to West Africa. This is showing me as original female with no mixing of any other races based on the genetic markers. So it is spiritually and scientifically proven that I AM that I AM!

My awakening accelerated in June 2014 after meeting my twin flame of which I had no idea I was a twin flame path. It has been an extremely painful and joyful experience for me. After a month and a half of interacting with him I fell into a deep depression for over 2-3 months. We are twin flames from the beginning of the first incarnation as Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti and we have NOW returned as Sharon and Ivan.

Amazing, Incredible and True! He was born in Guyana and I was born in Jamaica , we are 17 years apart in age difference and we do and have so many things similar to one another. He has a personality of strength and conviction. We both do not like drama and chaos or negativity. He loves to dance like me, to go on boat rides like me, he has a white truck like me, a sense of humor like me, loves music like me, my daughter looks just like him even though not blood related, he is the only man I ever met that engages in a conversation with me, spiritually natured, easy going, but fresh w the mouth like me and his energy compels me to speak the truth and only the truth. Whenever we spoke through Tango or physically in person it’s like I am frozen in time. Our presence together is extremely powerful like a force within a force. My twin flame name is Ivan who is none other than the Pharaoh Akhenaten aka Adam aka Moses.

Since January 1, 2015, I have been on an adventurous quest, a quest within a quest, like unlocking each door, breaking each codes, breaking codes within the codes, looking for more keys and putting pieces of puzzles and finding more pieces to more puzzles within the puzzles. This is my own movie as the director, the producer, the actress, the actor, and the writer with mystery, suspense, intrigue, wonderment like Alice in Wonderland where I am the Alice and I fell down this hole and I have been looking for the real Alice, the real Sharon, the real and one and Only Nefertiti, ALL of US! And my/our King(Rondy/Ivan) has already received true loves kiss, the glass slipper fits, so alas only God knows it is him and myself embracing our truth and awakening higher within ourselves! This is My Story , Your Story and Our Story! I had a lot of aha moments as one would say and also OMG moments!

All of these moments have been non-stop for days, hours, seconds, weeks, and now over 4 years and still counting. And this is so real because I have been audio-recording my ascension/awakening while experiencing pain while healing myself and witnessing it with messages and signs from the Universe at the same time. On a daily basis throughout the entire day I am led to and/or given clues to whatever message I am to convey in the recording. These are clues and signs to validate what I sense also before I find out the information and validate it.

The Return of the Garden of Eden is an audiobook comprised of music, dreams, poetry, dance, singing, comedy, pictures, videos that are in chronological order synchronizing in amazing jaw dropping ways. It is being published with the best of integrity, intentions and for the highest good for all of humanity.

The Holy Spirit (Mother God) has revealed to me that the book is to be audio because humans respond and listen to audio with more attention along with visual at a much faster speed and greater focus. I get to the heart of the matter to do with everything with passion, humility, righteousness, humor and love. I touch on subject matters of looking within and digging deep into pain and sorrow so that each person can heal and return to a life of living freely. The time is NOW to be free and live within our authenticity by speaking and living our truths with no more deception and living with lies.

We are Creative Beings of which it is natural for us to BE loving and creating Love and this is where I reveal and talk about the greatest gift that God has given to us and the truth has been destroyed buried and hidden for centuries upon centuries. My experience as a Twin Soul has been an amazing, adventurous, crazy-like, sad, mystical, heart & gut wrenching, tearful, joyful experience with Universal communication from the following:

Spirit guides, Angelic Beings, Yeshua aka Jesus & Mary Magdalene, Martin Luther King Jr, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Ray Charles, Prince, David Bowie, James Brown, Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole, John Holt, Maya Angelou, Harriet Tubman, Queen Tiye, Yemaya, Obatala, Oshun, Ascended Masters, Guardians of the Galaxy, Galactic/Alien beings, the Central Sun, The Sun/The Moon, The Stars , Sirius, Orion, Avian, Pleiades, coinciding and synchronizing with messages, signs of all types.


1.Everything to do not only with how people describe me as being an original beauty, my mannerisms, and way of living is not ordinary.

I always felt out of place and operate like a different female.

2. I heard the voice of God tell me that myself and Ivan were a King and Queen as I was on my way home from spending time with my children at Dave & Busters on New Year’s Day.

3. I was led to purchase a gold dress to wear for New Year’s Eve not knowing what was coming up next. She’s royal reggae song was played by the DJ and he said that we (myself and my girlfriend Daniele) are going to have our husbands for the New Year and I stated that before I left my house to attend the party.

Since December 2012 up until NOW there has been an energy of increasing publications on Nefertiti and Akhenaten since the awakening from several authors. These publications and books depict the Armana period and there was also recently an expedition that took place in Amarna Egypt from March 8, 2015 – March 21, 2015. Spirit led me to finding out that information.

There is a mystery and unsolved questions surrounding that timeframe and as to what happened to Nefertiti and where did she come from? Was King Tut her son? There is also another development of a hidden doorway of which Dr. Nicholas Reeves has found something that looks like a door to a secret passageway which may be the hidden tomb of ME (the mummy) of Nefertiti. My findings are recorded in the audiobook way before this was in the news.

5. My cell phone starts typing on its own from the energy between myself and my twin flame - 6 times typing - I am a beautiful person, I am a beautiful person. I took a screenshot of it and thank God my daughter video recorded it on her PS Vita. My phone has typed me several other messages including I am beautiful again several months ago and other cryptic messages, also a message typed to me with 3 roses and 2 kisses to me. Each time his Higher Self sent me these incredible messages.

We were called the heretic Queen and King and right now I have two family members who stopped contacting me altogether but I am still very much focused on recording my book and remain on my path no matter what. My passion is to live freely on all levels and to assist with all of the changes towards a greater peace and joy for humanity. Anyone and/or everyone who is interested in remembering and how to work through their healing and coming together with fullness of joy, Here I am! I can assist tremendously.

Majority of human beings vibrate so slow, low and with so much anger, hatred, indifference, lack and limitations, stupidity, non-communicative and they are vibrating within the 3rd dimensional frequency by doing instead of being. A lot of massive changes have been occurring within the Universe. Everyone is experiencing something. As a matter of fact I had a dream several weeks ago that I was in a mall like setting that one of my friends who do not discuss spiritual stuff with me became awakened and left her husband that she just recently married and as I walked through the mall every person that I came into contact with, just by my presence alone became awakened. My dreams are very fluid and very real with a lot of literal, metaphysical, or astral visits and have truthful meanings.

6. A golden Peacock pendant came straight from China via regular mail and arrived to my house on 02/19/2015 Chinese New Year in my name with my address except the number was incorrect. I do not know of anyone living in China to send that to me and I did not order anything at all. This was a gift sent straight from the Universe. 9 days later I got another Peacock jewelry which was a bracelet this time and it came from Hong King. Amazing again! The list goes on and on of more exciting and strange occurrences for me. It is like my entire existence and focus has been recorded as clear messages continuously from Divine Source. This is my passion, my calling, my purpose!!

There is so much more to show and tell and there is a link of the pictures of myself then and now, pictures of my children and oh! By the way! My last two children are the great King Tutankhamen and Anaksunamun! I have had past life details and references come thru me which includes speaking Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Chinese, an Indian dialect, Italian, Portuguese My daughter started writing Chinese just like that several weeks ago and I started speaking it since ascending. My Twin Soul & I look like siblings and/or twins from the past life and also this one. It is uncanny.

On October 22, 2005, I dreamt that the King and I were in Germany and I was wondering why I was there. It was like we were in a huge bank. I even noticed and said how come Germany looks like NY? There were poor & middle income people. I was surprised that there were Hispanics and blacks living there. Meaning: a return momentarily to a life past, lived into the present. Luck and prosperity

September 8, 2007, Dreamt that I was on the Oprah Show, but before I was talking to her in her apartment. It was so real.

September 17, 2007, Dreamt that I was at Noble Ave with my business office there and an older Jewish man came to see me and he told me that the 2 cases I was working on was going to make headlines in the 2 daily newspapers I saw the headlines and it was front page news. A sensationalized story.

March 23, 2015 I had 3 fortune cookies and it all said:

Make sure to laugh everyday...its good for your health

You or a close friend will be married soon

You may have sudden surprising opportunities...

This is the greatest stories I can ever tell to help with all of US bringing forth all truths and nothing but the truths of our true reality and Awakening to higher and higher realms of Consciousness! All truths are now and shall continue to be made self-evident and Freedom which has been nowhere is NOW HERE! Yay!

As of March 25, 2015 as I was driving my vehicle to run an errand a vehicle turned the corner and the license plate read "twiins." Its these type of jaw dropping moments I experienced on a daily basis and then some and more to hear and feel!


With Love

Queen Sharon Andrea aka Queen Nefertiti aka Goddess Auset( Isis) aka Aphrodite-Goddess of Love

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